FREELIFE Power-Hour Wellness Coaching
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FREELIFE Power-Hour Wellness Coaching

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If the demands of everyday life have you feeling extremely stressed and burned
out leaving you feeling unable to balance life, family and work, then this laser coaching session is especially for you.

This coaching session will provide you with:

  • 1-hour Coaching Session with Dr. Michelle
  • How to manage your physical symptoms of stress
  • Burnout to Balance Blueprint - a customized blueprint to help you create a happy and healthy lifestyle walking confidently in your purpose. Customized nutrition plan for FREELIFE living.
  • Mindfulness-based strategies to help you shift your mindset and set you up for success and a stress FREELIFE
  • Goal Achieving Template - a step by step template to help you achieve your goals in small doable/achievable steps
  • One 15-minute Accountability/Implementation Call