I have always wanted to be a doctor; my earliest memory of that desire was when I was 5 years old. My mother would tell me when I was young, "Oh Chelle, your hands feel so warm and soothing; you have healing in your hands".
Everything  I did from the classes I chose, extra-curricular activities and college selected was focused on putting me in the best position to realize that dream. I progressed through medical school with some challenges and disappointments but still finished being called "Doctor."

During my post-graduate training is when the overwhelming stress accelerated and the discouragement began. I would see patients that we diagnosed and treated with various tests, medications and surgery if necessary and they would return with the same symptoms and complaints. It was a revolving door; some revolved every month, 6 weeks or so and still the same thing.
I thought to myself, "There must be more. There must be something else." 

I decided I must need a break, after all, I had been in school since I was 5 years old. A 1-year sabbatical turned into 8 and the greatest awakening and enlightenment of my life and purpose.

 During that 8 year period, I discovered I had uterine fibroids. I was scared, angry, disappointed, confused and anxious. What should I do? I really want children one day. Why do I feel like my womb is turning against me? After I cried and prayed, then prayed and cried, the answer for me was:

I had to awaken my physician within

Within 24 hours, I became a vegetarian. I read, studied, exercised and took herbs to cleanse my body and heal my reproductive system. It was a long sometimes discouraging and impatient journey, but it worked for me. I then decided to expand my educational base and returned to school to pursue a certification in holistic health counseling and clinical nutrition.
Years later, I discovered that focusing on the physical body is not enough. Stress was beginning to kill me. It felt like life was throwing me punch after punch with a curve-ball. I was stressed out, burned out, body aching and my vibrancy for life waning. I had to do something to release the stress and reclaim my power to be the CEO of my life.

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Dr. Michelle Clay, DO, CHHC aka “Dr. Michelle”, is a speaker, Amazon #1 best-selling author and holistic physician who specializes in the release and management of stress and associated symptoms simply and naturally. She is a sought-after speaker at national, regional and local conferences, community organizations and colleges sharing insights and strategies for releasing stress and tension using a holistic approach. Dr. Michelle is frequently called upon to give a refreshing perspective on ways to release stress and recharge health, enabling clients to live a free life on purpose with passion. Through her company FREELIFE7, her work enhances people’s lives by harmonizing all dimensions of wellness through wellness coaching programs, online courses and seminars to help burned out business professionals and overwhelmed over-achievers create their sense of calm, clarity and confidence to live a FREE life on purpose with passion. Dr. Michelle shares her unique brand with others on her YouTube channel with “Mindset Monday with Dr. Michelle” and “Wednesday’s Wellness Wisdom Pearl”. These video segments highlight how to shift your mindset to ensure wellness success. Dr. Michelle earned her Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from Ohio University, completed her internship at Dallas Southwest Hospital and completed requirements for a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Clinical Nutritionist from the Academy of Natural Health Sciences.